Above the Firmament

This VR work reveals the beings responsible for calling the ‘Ordinary Person’ to join a ‘Intergalactic Hierarchy’ of alien leaders. The viewer is taken on a surreal journey in VR through space and time, filled with these otherworldly beings who swoop and fly around them. The viewer experiences the space usually reserved for these chosen ones: the space Above the Firmament and beyond the heavens. The space in which the Ordinary Person will end their journey… in this dimension at least…

A film made for VR
Megan Broadmeadow
Generously supported by the ARTS COUNCIL OF ENGLAND.
QUAD Digital Fellowship
Paper Folds Records.
Cursor Video
Full Tilt Aerial
Bristol VR LAB

Megan Broadmeadow
Viola Bruni
Noam Hunter
Pernelle Lorette
Vlad Troncea

Nicholas Sutton
Matthew Faulkner
Sci Fi Choir
Mark Anthony Pearce
Abi Hubbard

First Shown At QUAD, Derby as part of the solo show SEEK PRAY ADVANCE, Episode 3, Operation Starlight, by Megan Broadmeadow 2019.