In 2019 MEGAN BROADMEADOW was guest curator of
LLAWN - Llandudno Arts Weekend.

LLAWN comprised of 50 of site specific performances, encounters and workshops over the 3 days.
Set under the title A Line in The Sand artists included:

Kera, Davd Mabb, Algorave, Gary Stevens, Tactile BOSCH, Sally O’Reilly, Adam James, Rebecca Gould, Jennifer Taylor, Femke Van Gent, Denise Laura Baker, Roy Barry, FACEBACK, Bicycle Ballet Company, Just More, Ruby Gibbens, Clare Wallis, CARN, Ragnoli, Steph Londsdale, Glyn Edwards, DAC, Hijinx Theatre, Accretion Entropy, Emrys Williams, Joon Dance, Andrew Smith, BLINC,Kristin Luke, Lucy Mclaughlan, Mwnciboi.

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